Surface Treatment
Surface Treatment
After printing we will make finish processing to protect printing or achieve customers’ requirements. For example, aqueous coating, glossy or matt lamination, glossy or matt varnish, UV varnish, etc.
Glossy/Matt Lamination
Its surface is relatively bright, and after the lamination printed products will be very transparent and bright. Matt lamination can make printed matter have a silky texture, look softer and of top grade quality.
Aqueous Coating
Aqueous coating is a clear, fast-drying water-based coating applied to protect printed pieces. Like varnishes, aqueous coatings are applied inline on press, but they are shinier and smoother than varnish, have higher abrasion and rub resistance, are less likely to yellow, and are more environmentally friendly. Aqueous coatings dry faster than varnishes, which means faster turnaround times on press.
Varnish is basically clear ink and can be gloss, satin, or matte. There is glossy varnishing, matt varnishing, UV varnishing, and spot UV. A flood varnish covers the entire printed page for protection or sheen. A spot varnish covers a specific area of a printed piece usually to highlight it or create a dramatic effect.

Apart from the surface treatment described above, gold/silver foils stamping, embossing, wax-coating, wax-dipping, etc. can be customized.

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