Design & Sample
Design & Sample

Forests Packaging Group has very professional design departments. Most of our designers have rich experience and knowledge in packaging and printing. All products are customized, and product design can be realized according to the customer’s design, or we can help with design or artwork. All artworks can be done by Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CAD, etc.

Forests Packaging Group can make samples in around 3 days, or even in hours. Why can we make samples so fast? Because we have specialized machines for sampling that enable sample production without time limits. Once the customer confirms the final design, printing plates and dye-cut model can be done as design immediately. Then printing and die-cut pressing is done on the sampling machines or special machines. Of course, we will make a rough sample first to ensure that all details match the customer’s requests.

Lastly the final samples can be produced and shipped to customers fast, which saves time and produces mutual benefits.

Product Catalog
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